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LordAvara posted a comment on Friday 15th December 2017 6:20pm

AHA! Flamel! Page 10191." A reference to the novel Dune correct? Very well done. *claps happily*

lonelighters posted a comment on Sunday 19th February 2012 3:19pm

Please update I really like the wat that this is going

thaumologist posted a comment on Monday 21st February 2011 5:39pm

Initially, I wasn't much of a fan of this set, but after chapter two and three, it really is hard to not be.

So yeah, good work, and DFTBA

Slytherin66 posted a comment on Sunday 30th January 2011 2:15am

Fantastic Moldybutt and the damage caused was good. Grim did as well as he could against Tom Riddle who I hope one day soon will die Grim would not allow the Dark Lord to exist for 6 more years and with a new body.

I loved what was done to Draco and the fate of Snape. A pity Wormtail was not killed.

I am pleased about the fate of the stone and I liked how Mandy and Harry are getting on. I look forward to the next chapter, thanks for this one.

Slytherin66 posted a comment on Sunday 30th January 2011 1:03am

Fantastic as always Grim is the best but Mandy is fun too I hope she gets and uses the stone.

Slytherin66 posted a comment on Sunday 30th January 2011 12:01am

A very funny chapter I like Grim and I hope Draco remains an animal.

Tzu Con posted a comment on Friday 21st January 2011 8:19pm

"The author mad," Tzu said

"Utterly bonkers," agreed the other twin, Con.

The pair had then confirmed the rumours about their own sanity by sharing a grin and chorusing, "It’s so cool!"

I've said it before and I'll say it again: You sir, are utterly mad yet brilliant, and I love what you write. I was quite surprised to find another chapter for this story. I don't suppose you'd do another for the slightly darker narrative? Perhaps introduce Ron to the wonders of Death?

Tzu Con

AngelQueen posted a comment on Thursday 13th January 2011 6:51am

*cracks up* This story continues to be completely awesome! Heh, I love Mandy and her nonchalantness concerning her goals to take over the world, and how Harry is in no way phased by it. :D Of course, I also enjoyed how Voldemort was able to get a reaction out of Harry, an especially deadly one. I don't think Dumbledore was expecting that kind of reaction from him, not at this young of an age. *smirks* As Harry said, consider his friends.

Great job! Looking forward to the gang returning for their second year. Of course, this means that Ginny Weasley will be coming along, with her star-struck crush on Harry. Heh, methinks that Mandy will not take well to that kind of behavior. Ron and the Twins better warn their little sister. :D

iTz_RAVEN posted a comment on Sunday 9th January 2011 5:57am

Can't wait for the next chapter of this excellently written story.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Sunday 9th January 2011 1:00am

Well written chapter

Tumshie posted a comment on Thursday 6th January 2011 1:09pm

Absolutely wonderfully crazy, long may the madness flow

Manatheron posted a comment on Wednesday 5th January 2011 10:45pm

Next chapter, Enter Wednesday and Pugsly Addams!


Excellent work, can't wait to see the next one!

00_Knight posted a comment on Tuesday 4th January 2011 10:37pm

LMAO Grim getting owned on a regular basis!

I love Mandy, and Harry's casual acceptance of her and her plans for world domination!

All in all an excellent read from start to this chapter, and I can't wait till the next installment!

Aberbadger posted a comment on Monday 3rd January 2011 10:09am

Loved the goofy reference!!! Only criticism is that you let grim's accent slip on occasion... But apart from that, only one thing to say... ROFLMGDMFAO!!!!!!!!!
As you let scabbers live I'm guessing you have plans for Sirius? Might i suggest something along the lines of "something grim meets something grimmer?"

Nick R. posted a comment on Monday 3rd January 2011 4:52am


*blinks again*


Rage and Light posted a comment on Sunday 2nd January 2011 12:43pm

Great to see another part to this wonderful crossover, as before I found this a great read and as funny as the other parts. you truly have a way with making mandy appear as if she belongs at hogwarts and yet still be who she is, your work on the others is just as good and well thought out. I also love your version of harry, I cannot wait for more and hope u get around to it soon. keep it up


Orion posted a comment on Sunday 2nd January 2011 3:34am

Great! Thanks for writing, this was a lot of fun to read (and reread the previous chapters). Happy New Year!

Joe Fenton posted a comment on Sunday 2nd January 2011 2:40am

Wonderful end to the first book. I just had to go bac and read this from the beginning... it's funny as hell, man! :D

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Sunday 2nd January 2011 1:36am

Good chapter, thanks for sharing it with us.

Michael Foerster posted a comment on Saturday 1st January 2011 11:54pm

One does know, that there's one reading a good story, when one does take nearly regular breaks to ROFLOL. My neighbours where midly disturbed at first, but laughing with me shortly after.
Thanks for the shared fun. Happy 2011 to you.