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darthloki posted a comment on Wednesday 15th July 2009 12:59am

Cool. :)

Neil Glover posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2009 4:49pm

Great story, i hope that you will continue it.

Dustin Hoeppner posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2009 2:17pm

Very good. Is there another chapter to this story

E5150 posted a comment on Sunday 12th July 2009 5:12pm

Interesting story. The Harry/Amanda interaction is rather well done, I'm looking forward to see how it progress's.

Deric posted a comment on Friday 10th July 2009 8:25pm

Starting a year or so earlier than that seems not beyond the realms of possibility.

Not at all, as when I was nine one of my ten year old friends was having sex with his seven year old sister. All the boys in the neighborhood (ages 7-12) were encouraged to do so, although she preferred her brother.

This was in 1966-1967 and hippies and free love were not in the news until a year later.
I lived in the suburbs of a city with a population of 300k-500k, so this was not a case of rural people exploring things because there was nothing else to do.

Enough sex, story.

This I liked better than Something Grim This Way Comes, since it has Harry and Mandy actually making use of Grim in his profession rather than using him as a comic foil. Granted, that it was in keeping with the cartoon series. This one looks like it could be expanded nicely with a better outcome for Harry than he had in canon. Please - the Oligarchy unchanged? No changes whatsoever in the WW? Still friends with Ron? I don't think so.

More please and more of Culture Shock and Backwards Compatible, too. Whenever you can get to them.

Danny Malone posted a comment on Friday 10th July 2009 8:10pm

I know I am a bad person, because I giggled my way through this. It's just so... delightfully evil.

Sterling posted a comment on Friday 10th July 2009 5:48am

Well the 11 y/o sex was wiggy, no matter how you want to look at it. But considering that they have "Grim" as a friend you can easily chuck normal behaviour out the window and still retain a certain sense of believability.

As always you write a well crafted story with another unique premise. My first concern is this work seems to need another going over by a beta. You have quite a number of typos and grammatical errors that I do not remember seeing in some of your other work. My other concern is that you are starting Harry out so impossibly overpowered It is hard to have any kind of empathy with them as characters. They literally control life and death. But overall I am very pleased to see you are still writing. Thank you for sharing.

DAMNED posted a comment on Thursday 9th July 2009 1:00pm

keep it coming.

Joel Aarhus posted a comment on Thursday 9th July 2009 11:54am

The 10 year olds having sex was only part I didn't like. Not that its unrealistic. The record is a 5 year old Peruvian girl giving birth. otherwise it was a good story.

nimaj25 posted a comment on Wednesday 8th July 2009 6:50pm

Very nice. Wouldn't mind reading the continuing adventures of these 2/3.

Chrisgocountyjr posted a comment on Wednesday 8th July 2009 2:23pm

Wow! I loved this story. Glad to see you're still around and writing. All of your stuff has kept me coming back frequently.

PhoenixAnkaa posted a comment on Tuesday 7th July 2009 12:54pm

I really enjoyed this little trip to the dark side. It would stand to reason that having Death as a companion would cause them to mature earlier than expected. And anyway, it's your fic, if someone doesn't like the way you did something they don't have to read it! Personally, you keep writing them the way you do and I'll keep reading them. All the critic's can SOD OFF!!!

Full_Pensieve posted a comment on Tuesday 7th July 2009 10:41am

Er... wow. Just wow. :)

I don't read much fanfic anymore, but someone told me you had a new piece so I immediately popped over.

Not sure whether this is Evil!Harry, or Utterly-Amoral!Harry. Definitely a different take on Mandy and the Grim Reaper, though. Not entirely sure I want some of whatever you've been drinking - LOL - but the result is attention-grabbing and well written. In thinking on this as part of a longer story, I was left wondering at what point - if at all - they would stop...?

Alas, you're correct about the habits of 11 year olds. My wife used to work in a clinic that addressed a lot of family planning issues, and told me about more pregnant 12 year old girls than I would ever have imagined. Shocking, and sad.

Hope to see more of Culture Shock when you're so inclined... and what ever happened to Backwards Compatible? At least let us know how it comes out with the nuke, eh? :)

Mike [FP]

Ramos posted a comment on Tuesday 7th July 2009 9:49am

This was good, although disturbing. I would have loved to know what they did to Severus - perhaps when he flopped into his chair again... the chair suddenly broke and sent him tumbling towards the fire and caused his firewhiskey to slop wildly towards the flames...
And BTW, I know a woman who is the mother of an eleven year old girl. She tells me that her daughter DID have sex at that age.

Zvoni posted a comment on Tuesday 7th July 2009 4:10am

Very good start.
Since a lot of people are talking about "Something Grim blabla", i'm going to read that one for now until you update.

I only have one complaint about a mistake you made:
“And what of the ring?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” the Hat frantically confessed, “but Dumbledore probably knows where it can be found.”


The second Hallow is the stone! Mr. Grim Reaper wouldn't know, that the ring has been fashioned into a ring!

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 7th July 2009 2:09am

I remember Somthing Grim this way comes. This is an interesting change. Much more mature couple this time. Very blood thirsty. It looks like Snape is #3. I hope you continue. This is an interesting look at the Harry Potterverse! Thanks for writing. pms

wavelink99 posted a comment on Tuesday 7th July 2009 12:21am

Very final destination, I like it.

Will you continue it?

I'm not sure how this story would play out considering you've killed a lot of the important characters in the first chapter. It's a fun read though. Thanks.

Anansii posted a comment on Monday 6th July 2009 10:23pm

OK - now there's a combination I hadn't expected. The Wizarding World isn't going to know what hit them...

dennisud posted a comment on Monday 6th July 2009 7:53pm

One Helluva great combo, and I can think of how this would go if BIlly was one of the conductors on the Knight Bus too!

Still with a few changes in lines and appearance I could also see Wednesday Addams in Mandy's place!

slickrcbd posted a comment on Monday 6th July 2009 5:52pm

Personally while I find Harry and Amanda going at it like rabbits at 11 a bit squickish, if they'd been 13 I wouldn't have had a problem at all. I can understand that some children start earlier than others, and it's possible that both of them could have started early. I won't let it get in the way of saying that I was hoping to see the fallout from the death of Snape as well as seeing them take on Dumbledore and his plans.

The rest of it I liked, even if it was disturbing, I did enjoy a pair that won't take the crap canon Harry took. Draco Malfoy wasn't afraid to use his connections to put people in their place, and I rather enjoy a Harry that has the power to do so as well.