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Lot963 posted a comment on Sunday 19th April 2020 3:44am for Forty-One Times Dead

Okay, that was insane. Definitely insane. But a lot 9f fun. Safely, I'm reading this at 3am and can't laugh out loud therefore, but it was still loads 9f fun. Thank you for this piece.

zenseijin77 posted a comment on Wednesday 24th April 2013 11:08pm for Forty-One Times Dead

so good. the bankai at the end is great! this would be a great full length story!

chmustard posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd May 2012 8:14am for Forty-One Times Dead

thanks for writing that, it was a joy to read

noorelisa posted a comment on Saturday 3rd March 2012 6:36pm for Forty-One Times Dead

yes, I found the story very funny.I also like it when Harry gets the better of Dumbledore, who has planned to use him as a tool, which I absolutely hate.

Great reading, lots of fun!

kyoshi posted a comment on Tuesday 21st February 2012 1:11am for Forty-One Times Dead

Cute story, Harry being nuttier than a fruit cake was halarious. I was impressed~

Michael Cornfoot posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd January 2012 5:07am for Forty-One Times Dead

this story would probobly still be great if you added another ten chapters to it

Tenchifew posted a comment on Friday 28th October 2011 10:49am for Forty-One Times Dead

Great story!
Had a blast reading it.
Thank you for writing.

infidus666 posted a comment on Monday 21st March 2011 7:12am for Forty-One Times Dead

*long pause* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! *maniacal laughter a la Kenpachi continues* Oh man...

The Aizen idea is interesting. Would Harry then defect to Hueco Mundo? Intriguing...

thaumologist posted a comment on Monday 21st February 2011 6:35pm for Forty-One Times Dead

Nice, fun little fic. Very much enjoyed reading.


lavigne109 posted a comment on Tuesday 1st February 2011 4:05pm for Forty-One Times Dead


BaltaineShadow posted a comment on Monday 31st January 2011 1:45am for Forty-One Times Dead

I couldn't stop laughing half the time and Bankai totally did it!

Tzu Con posted a comment on Thursday 20th January 2011 12:02am for Forty-One Times Dead

Even without any knowledge of anime or the characters you've used in this fic, I've laughed myself silly on several occasions.

Harry going slightly off kilter is always entertaining, nonjon being an excellent example of this, although he didn't bring the utter insanity to the story which you managed.

Thanks for writing this. I have no doubt it'll keep me entertained for many years to come.

Hytekrednek posted a comment on Monday 10th January 2011 12:41am for Forty-One Times Dead

Not a bad little one shot. It could have definitely been turned into a longer story.

Merari posted a comment on Monday 27th December 2010 6:27am for Forty-One Times Dead

ha, awesome dude, I haven't seen Bleach forever but I may watch it again now. Anyway, well written. By the way, if you start up Backwards Compatible you will be my hero. =)

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Friday 17th December 2010 7:02am for Forty-One Times Dead

Loved it!

Especially the ending!

00_Knight posted a comment on Tuesday 14th December 2010 9:32pm for Forty-One Times Dead


Psychotic sword wielding Harry Potter!

Loved it!

Hawklan posted a comment on Friday 10th December 2010 7:11pm for Forty-One Times Dead

I have no sword and knew i forgot something???? ROFL..........
Poor, poor Harry
a really crazy but fun fic to read. tx for sharing.....

Elfwyn posted a comment on Wednesday 8th December 2010 11:43pm for Forty-One Times Dead

Most amusing and entertaining story even without knowing a thing about Bleach, or much Anime at all, except a vague knowledge of Naruto, Death Note, and Helsing. This fic was easy to follow and fun to read with plenty of lol moments. A quick google took care of Kenpachi appearance and your writing brought his and the rest of the crew's personalities easily to life.

I really look forward to the reactivation of 'Culture Shock' and hope 'Something Grim...' is on the list for updates too. Thanks for the laughs and Happy Holidays.

Samantha posted a comment on Monday 6th December 2010 2:15pm for Forty-One Times Dead

I needed a good laugh today. Well done.

Crys posted a comment on Friday 3rd December 2010 7:10pm for Forty-One Times Dead

I had wondered why 41. So Harry asks. "Because 42 is the . . ." *sigh* Yeah, should've seen that one coming.

Don't read Bleach, so can't say that I understood all that, but it was still entertaining even with the holes in my knowledge.

Fun crack-fic. Thanks.