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TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Monday 13th October 2008 8:18pm for State of Flux

Good chapter.


Gena posted a comment on Thursday 7th August 2008 4:20pm for State of Flux

"They had just finished another one. A conflict involving a good portion of the globe, including England, had entered into a perturbing conflict in a region that was euphemistically called the "Middle East". A war fought over oil of all things." I had to check that up because I thought about the American war for oil disguised as a war against terrorism at first. Oh well, you learn something new every day. Perhaps I should read up on more recent history. It was very interesting, and if you ever decide to make a gory work out of this you could start by not stopping the Order of the Phoenix from being blown up or sliced to death.

Ben10 posted a comment on Saturday 29th March 2008 3:13pm for State of Flux

This story is very interesting. If you do continue to write it, I would eagerly read it.

morriganscrow posted a comment on Saturday 29th March 2008 10:44am for State of Flux

I can't wait to see what Harry and Dumbles make of each other.
I must admit I'd love to see Hermione made aware of the Culture, and perhaps even begin the process of integrating into it, either as Harry's friend or lover.
Harry and the Weasley Twins? Woah....

power214063 posted a comment on Thursday 27th March 2008 2:34pm for State of Flux

when r u going to update?

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Monday 24th March 2008 10:58am for State of Flux

I seriously think I may have busted a lung, laughing at this story. This is a great fic, and I can't wait for the next installment. Update, please.

RebelHottie19 posted a comment on Friday 21st March 2008 9:18pm for State of Flux

I love your story and its stirring to read a story based on sci-fi/magical. I was wondering if you would be able to put a new chapter, like soon? Because, I am agiated to read more of this fabulous story, and please respond to me through my e-mail

oximoron posted a comment on Wednesday 19th March 2008 7:16pm for State of Flux

excellent chapter, my only fault with it involves it not being longer.

here's the obligatory rant regarding Hogwarts population:
Blah blah blah. Its not like you made Hogwarts pink so who cares.

Longreach posted a comment on Friday 14th March 2008 12:04am for State of Flux

I must say that this 'Cultured' Harry brings some interesting questions to mind as to what will happen when he gets sorted. The shift in personality towards those shown in the Culture novels in my opinion would pull him vastly away from the Slytherin choice that was in cannon now that it seems that he has nothing to prove and/or little need for ambition but at the same time put him well in line for either a Hufflepuff choice for his sheer lack of prejudice and probably even more likely Ravenclaw for the sheer depth of information he has access to.

Altogether a very entertaining fic. Keep up the good work!

epsilon posted a comment on Sunday 9th March 2008 12:41pm for State of Flux

Well, I have to say I love this story. Great work.

A reviewer criticised setting the story after the Culture Shock timeline, but I think it's a good decision, since it would take far too much effort to deal with the situation in a fashion that those not familiar with the crossover can understand.

I'd love to see a scene about Snape trying to read Harry's mind. He should be able to resist, but what if he instead uses his link to feed Snape decades or more worth of (useless) memories at extremely high speed? I doubt his mind could handle that.

As for the Sorting Hat... I think it would want to stay with Harry and chat with the minds/learn about the wider universe. Depending on how well it is made, I can see it being accepted as a mind itself. Lots of interesting possibilities.

I can see a few interesting ways how Draco and Harry will interact. I'm looking forward to see which obne you choose.

That said, I don't think Harry would (or should) try to conform to Earth morals. The reactions when he shows up nude in the common room should be interesting. And I don't see him hiding that he's sexually active either. Given his fame and strong believe that he is right, I can see him bringing about a social revolution in the wizarding world. This'd of course drive a lot of support towards Voldemort and his followers, but at the same time it would shift the aim of the good guys towards a far more benevolent society. I wonder if Harry is a good public speaker? Lots of possibilities. Also lots fo conflict potential between Harry and Dumbledore.

And I'm really looking forward to what Harry makes with his magic. I mean he can already apparate himself and a person he's not touching to two different locations at the same time. What else can he do?

Something that I'm surprised hasn't come up yet is recruitment. The minds want more people with Harry's powers, so what about recruiting some students (or even future students - I'd assume the minds can find mugglebornes years before they get the Hogwarts letter)? While not all families would accept, some would - and they're not limited to the UK, so we're talking about several scores. Or you could go the way some other fics do and say that many mugglebornes die from accidents (read: attacks by purebloods) before they get their Hogwarts letter. I a mind notices that, maybe they could return the child to life and recruit him/her?
I wouldn't think that it would be part of Harry's mission during the first year, but a mind chat about what students might be recruitable and how to go about it could be interesting.

Last, the mindless familiars are an interesting touch, but at the same time unrealistic. I'd assume that the minds would fit them with superior transmission equipment and then directly control them, to have a permanent eye in the Wizarding World near Harry.

I'm really looking forward to more.

Joel posted a comment on Sunday 9th March 2008 7:06am for State of Flux

Wow. I've never read, or even heard of, the novels that you are crossing HP with in this story, but your narrative has given me a quite clear picture of the society without any obvious info-dumps. Even the notes aren't needed to follow what's going on. This is a really inventive cross, and it's very well done. I especially love the relatively light tone of the story so far.

I'm going to add you to my update notification list so I can more easily keep track of this fic. Thanks for sharing it with us!

One minor mechanical point is that you consistently use the incorrect word (bare) in referring to pregnancy and childbirth. The correct word is "bear." I just double-checked in at Merriam-Webster online.

Terdwilicker posted a comment on Friday 7th March 2008 2:32pm for State of Flux

Gee, I sure hope you'll be writing more for this. Because its been weeks with no updates. Long enough to read "Matter" and write a couple chapters, even.

Aelita posted a comment on Thursday 21st February 2008 10:04pm for State of Flux

Wow, I cannot wait until he gets to Hogwarts...Thanks

Lady_Mear posted a comment on Monday 18th February 2008 1:24pm for State of Flux


I liked your last one better then mine though I'm not sure what you thought my thought-process was - I read the names listed on Wikipedia and that was what came to mind plus the image of Harry trying to explain to Snape that he was talking to a spaceship called Don't Piss into the Wind! made me giggle for about 5 minutes.

Since I didn't intend my review to start a mud-slinging match and am not willing to start a discussion about HG's character here, is there anyway of getting it down?

Nosferatum posted a comment on Sunday 17th February 2008 8:20am for State of Flux

I'm no author, but I just wanted to make a comment on your opinion about Hermione. If you remember the first book, it's be quite obvious that all her attitude and personality issues come from two simple things: inferiority complex (no frends, the whole new world, no knoledge about magic - remember?) and the great lack of experience in any kind of social life.

BTW - to continue your train of thought, ship name:
Still trying to spit on the ceiling :)

And more:
Don't make a clever face - it doesn't suite the color of the boots

Thoughts, sinuous as a gastrointestinal tract

Lady_Mear posted a comment on Saturday 16th February 2008 10:30am for State of Flux

I like this. I've had to go and buy the books though since I've never read anything about this 'Culture' before. Apologies if I miss something because of that.

I'm quite curious to see how much the technology can get around magic and to see how Harry and Sma are going to handle Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall. Going off of canon!McGonagall, I can imagine her having a very hard time dealing with Harry. I also can’t imagine this Harry taking Snape’s abuse.

Manipulative!Dumbledore is a character I do enjoy reading, though I have to wonder if using him in this context won't just cause problems. Either Harry will be intuitive enough (or smart enough) to figure out what is going on (and thus cause the story to diverge rapidly from canon) or there will be an inexplicable and unbelievable plot hole right in the middle of the story. Your Authors Notes say that the story will deviate from canon in year 2, but even 7 months will push the belief in him not noticing based on earlier chapters.

In a crossover story, this version of Dumbledore give the impression of lazy writing (sorry) and a quick way of ticking boxes in the one of the story lines. As you have made the point that this story is set after the last of the Culture books, it seems even more so because you won’t have to actively hit the plot events in one of the series’. I’m hoping there is a reason for your choice that does have some point in the plot and I’m just being over critical here.

Next, Manipulative!Dumbledore often seems to lead to an almost Deus Ex Machina attitude from authors, something again that doesn't fit with the basis of what seems to be a very complicated story so far. I had originally considered the 'Minds' for that roll, and had been considering not finishing the story, but you managed to pull up short of it rather well. I’m glad I decided to read the last chapter you had posted.

I also find is a bit strange that Dumbledore didn’t notice that, in the days running up to the start of term, the pendulum that shows Harry’s distance from Hogwarts didn’t alert him to the fact that he was nowhere close. If Dumbledore just assumed that it was malfunctioning, why has he continued to check it? Surely a glance at it before he takes the sorting hat down to the great hall would have told him Harry was not on the train.

I'm a bit surprised that you think Hermione would get on with this version of Harry and would like to know your reasoning? Until I read the notes at the end of this chapter, I had assumed you had plans for them to clash. Hermione, in year 1, is very arrogant and very superior in her attitudes to others. I find it far easier to see her hating someone who can beat her at what she thinks of as her area, then her even trying to befriend them. I also can’t see this Harry putting up with her constant questions, unwillingness to accept she doesn’t have a right to know something and her inability to stay out of other people’s business. A lot of authors change Harry’s relationship to Ron, but leave Hermione’s the same, something I really don’t understand. For all Ron’s faults, I find it far easier to see him as Harry’s friend, then Hermione.

Anyway, I’m going to go and read these books now, so next time I review I might actually know what’s going on in the other half of the story. As for the ship names-
Don't Piss into the Wind!


GinnyLover posted a comment on Wednesday 13th February 2008 12:46am for State of Flux

LOL! I would think Hermione would have an orgasm when she finds out how much Harry knows :)

Hell most Ravenclaws, males or females too :)

Maxtaf posted a comment on Tuesday 12th February 2008 12:14am for State of Flux

This may be one of the funniest fics I've read in quite a while. I can't wait to read more of it. And I really appreciate the introduction to Banks' Culture novels, as I had never heard of them before.

pfeil posted a comment on Saturday 9th February 2008 6:25pm for State of Flux

I look forward to Harry's first meeting with Hermione. I'm worried about what's happening at Hogwarts, though, since she could be getting her head bashed in by the troll...

Although I suppose that's not until supper, so he could still meet her before then. He certainly knows enough to keep up a conversation with her, and she'll love picking his brain -- if he can explain it down at terran level.

And with the knife missiles and such, he's no reason to bring along Ron to help her, so with luck Harry won't join up with Ron. I'd be surprised if he did, given that Harry's somewhat mature and Ron completely isn't.

FrequencyQueen posted a comment on Saturday 9th February 2008 2:30pm for State of Flux

Great story! Harry is going to go bonkers when he gets to Hogwarts - the illogic will drive him nuts. I hope you let his little 'helpers' take care of a few problems?