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FailGate posted a comment on Thursday 24th December 2009 2:01am for First Impressions

I have been enjoying your story, but find myself in the odd position of feeling sympathy for Dumbledore (which is extremely rare for me). Reading his interactions with Sma, I really wanted him to silencio her, or something of the like. Im just finding Harry and Sma's attitudes annoying at the moment. I realise the reasons behind it, but still I am looking forward to it toning down a tad (hopefully).
Besides from that, your story is very well written, and I believe I will check out your other works if they are up to this standard.
Merry Christmas/Holidays/Whatever.

flynhghr posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd December 2009 5:34pm for First Impressions

I don't care how funny something is, I rarely laugh out loud, but Minerva slipping an oath like "Merlin's bollocks!" had me rolling! I hope you work on this story often, it's a piece of work. I've never heard of the whole Culture world, and typically dislike crossovers, but yours is done exceptionally well. It's inspiring me to look up the Culture stories because they sound quite interesting, allthough I doubt they will hold a candle to your work so far.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Monday 13th October 2008 9:34pm for First Impressions

Good chapter.


csktech posted a comment on Thursday 2nd October 2008 1:30pm for First Impressions

This story is so good, that if I could, I would chain you to your desk and feed your pizza and cookies until it was done.

Thanks for a great adventure


robesh posted a comment on Friday 15th August 2008 6:34pm for First Impressions

Great story! Never read The Culture, so it was hard to keep up in the beginning. I'm looking forward for Harry interacting with students and teachers, without Sma watching his back all the time.

Very enjoyable, keep it up!

Gena posted a comment on Friday 8th August 2008 4:19am for First Impressions

That was a good read. Not something I'll wait for if it is abandoned, which it seems to be. Either that, a writer's block or real life kicking your ass. I'll probably not even enter this site again for quite a while anyway.

ching965 posted a comment on Tuesday 29th July 2008 7:29pm for First Impressions

interesting new perspective
wonderful writing though
i greatly enjoyed reading it
hope for more

creaothceann posted a comment on Sunday 20th July 2008 6:27am for First Impressions

Hopefully it's the latter...

Terdwilicker posted a comment on Wednesday 16th July 2008 6:29pm for First Impressions

53 days and counting. Is this story dead or is life just really hectic so there's no time to write?

kyoshi posted a comment on Friday 11th July 2008 5:15pm for First Impressions

I'm really enjoying the story! I love it when Dumbledore gets put in his place. Hope to see the next chapter soon! Best regards Kyoshi

Carol Layland posted a comment on Friday 4th July 2008 10:49pm for First Impressions

Oh, please continue this it is too rich with implications and possibilities to ignore. I love SciFi and Harry Potter and put the two together you have a sure winner. I do love the inovative way that you have done this.

Terdwilicker posted a comment on Friday 4th July 2008 4:33pm for First Impressions

42 Days now. Kinda hoping to see something else written for this story.

alec_potter posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd July 2008 2:39pm for First Impressions

Just one question which has been bugging me for quite some time. Why did everyone guess(rightly so) that it is Harry who apparated the whole group out of hospital wing??

Terdwilicker posted a comment on Saturday 21st June 2008 4:41pm for First Impressions

So, here we are 30 days later, anxious to see Harry choose a wand, deal with the possible realization by the smartest witch of her generation that he's got scifi robots living with him, and the humor value of exploded troll stink removal efforts. Oh, and the Minds finding all the "muggle-repelling warded" areas and exploring them remotely from space, including Diagon Alley, which he hasn't visited yet. They should find magically expanded spaces to be fascinating. Aerial photos of centaurs and dragons would prove interesting too. Imagine Sma looking them over with a degree of horror. The Culture would send droid or scout missiles to observe all the weird magical creatures and spaces for their records. They're meticulous about that kind of thing, at least in canon from "Excession" and "Use of Weapons" anyway.

RNCybergate posted a comment on Saturday 21st June 2008 5:11am for First Impressions

A very interesting and unique Harry Potter story.
I love it!
I'll be waiting (fairly impatiently) for the next few chapters...

Well done!

***Lets place bets how long it will take for Snape to get his head blown off...or something similar.(Wouldn't be surprised if he annoys Harry too much) LOL***


Nemoblank posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 10:01pm for First Impressions

Very interesting.

Thwaaack posted a comment on Monday 2nd June 2008 8:57pm for First Impressions

Thomas: I wouldn't consider Sma's dislike of DUmbledore irrational. Keep in mind that she was the one who found Harry on the Doorstep, and that Dumbles did sign the letter that accompanied him. If I were in Sma's shoes, Dumbledore would have to do a LOT to redeem himself in the face of just the action of leaving a child on a doorstep.

I do agree, however, that we should get a glimpse of Harrys "training" prior to coming back to Earth.

I can't wait for the next update, hopefully including Harry's sorting and Harry's first interaction with Snape.

swordsandspells posted a comment on Monday 2nd June 2008 5:47pm for First Impressions

A few words come to mind when reading this new chapter, words like Holy shit, super badass, and completely awesome. Please give us more soon, I am loving this story.

ThomasWatts posted a comment on Sunday 1st June 2008 3:21am for First Impressions

Ms. Sma is an unmitigated elitist ass bag. She irrationally dislikes Dumbledore almost without reason. If she disliked AD after finding the proper answers I would perhaps enjoy her character. As she is now I would care less if she was the one that exploded in a spray of blood.

More explanations are needed of how Harry learned and trained his 'Grid Manipulation'.

I do look forward to more.

FireFairy posted a comment on Saturday 31st May 2008 1:39pm for First Impressions

Ooooooohhhhhhh please update this soon, its really interesting, in fact i sincerely doubt I ever read a fanfic like this! Thanks so much for a great chapter!