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TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Monday 13th October 2008 6:35pm for Contact

Good chapter.


csktech posted a comment on Thursday 2nd October 2008 10:08am for Contact

Im rereading this because it is one of the most unique HP stories that I have found, On par with or even exceeding Green eyes and Brown Coats.

Please continue this great story.


davidiusbrown posted a comment on Friday 18th April 2008 6:08pm for Contact

I've been reading and re-reading this great story for some time, and it occurred to me that the only thing that Iain M. Banks would have done differently had he written this himself was to have made it a bit more bloody. A couple of wizards and witches would have died, irrevocably, sending Harry his Hogwarts letter. Your mention of the death of the Culture surgeon a few chapters ahead was a very good idea. Thanks for writing all of this.

amulder posted a comment on Thursday 17th January 2008 11:09am for Contact

Found Two Minor corrections:

1- "the waveform I recorded bares a significant similarity..." should be "bears"

2- "You’re shifting quiet a few Ships around..." should be "quite"

Muad'Dib posted a comment on Wednesday 16th January 2008 2:46pm for Contact

A unique and interesting crossover. I don't know anything about the Culture series, so it's good you're explaining things. Weird names they've got there. Harry probably won't fall out of place too much, since he'll be considered to be a muggle raised wizard anyway

Caementum posted a comment on Tuesday 15th January 2008 9:51pm for Contact

I'm glad you are writing again. Even though I have never read the books about 'The Culture' I'm looking forward to how this story progresses.

jalva200 posted a comment on Thursday 10th January 2008 10:43pm for Contact

i say i really really really enjoying this story.

Hope you will write more, i am really enjoying it, hope harry will be a kick ass mother fucker, and i hope he and hermione hook up!

Write more soon and ill read thats for sure!

pfeil posted a comment on Thursday 10th January 2008 4:54pm for Contact

Fun idea; I look forward to reading more.

I'm rather curious what that knife missile would do to a troll, though I'd rather see Harry and Hermione together in Hufflepuff and avoid the whole thing.

I'll spare you my rant about why Harry being in Hufflepuff would solve (or at least lessen) all of his problems in canon, since he's rather different here.

And I bet in a year or two Hermione'd be willing to procreate with him, if it got her a chance to learn from this guardians and maybe a bit of personal engineering...

Thwaaack posted a comment on Thursday 10th January 2008 1:07pm for Contact

For those of you curious about where this Crossover comes from, see

I haven't read them yet, but I'll have to check them out.

Dale Dietzman posted a comment on Thursday 10th January 2008 11:59am for Contact

Looks like a whole fleet to me.....

GCU By his Bootstraps
GCU Fool me Twice, Shame on Me
GCU Can't Change the Laws of Physics
GCU Sufficiently Advanced Technology
GCU Dancing in the Rain.
GCU Where Shall We Have Lunch
GCU I've Got A Bad Feeling About This
GCU Never Tell Me The Odds.
GCU To Go Boldly But Not Stupidly
GCU It's Not -My- Planet
GCU Sheds Blame Like Water
GCU Re-Interpreting the Facts
GCU They Say Size Isn't That Important
GCU 2+2=5 somewhere
GCU Don't be long where you don't belong
GCU It's a typo
GCU Impossible n'est pas Francais (Impossible is not French)
GCU That's No Moon
GCU Not Life as We Know It
GCU Runs In Circles
GCU Snarky Boojum
GCU Artificial Stupidity
GCU Sideways Quark
GCU Anomaly
GCU Strange Loop
GCU Touch and Go
GCU It wasn't me...honest
GCU Gunboat Diplomat
GCU Walk Softly.
GCU It's Five o'Clock Somewhere
GCU That's Going To Leave a Mark
GCU It's Tuesday Somewhere.
GCU That's What She Said
GCU My Bad
GCU Watch Out O'er There
GCU Oops
GCU That Wasn't Supposed to Happen
GCU It's not my fault
GCU I wasn't even there
GCU Don't blame me
GCU I Didn't Do It
GCU It Wasn't Me
and more on the slipways no doubt.

sylver_skoon posted a comment on Thursday 10th January 2008 11:14am for Contact

Ship names ?
How about:
GCU 2+2=5 somewhere
GCU Don't be long where you don't belong
GCU It's a typo
GCU Impossible n'est pas Francais (Impossible is not French)

I began reading the first Culture book a couple of days ago (the French version at this moment). Looks very interesting, and it gives me more appreciation for your crossover.

Thwaaack posted a comment on Thursday 10th January 2008 4:49am for Contact

Its good to see you are still around and writing. I'm looking forward to your next chapter.

morriganscrow posted a comment on Wednesday 9th January 2008 9:24am for Contact

What a fabulous beginning!
I have no knowledge of the Xover you're using, but the combination with HP is wonderful. I will be following this most original and well written story with care.

Jizzle posted a comment on Tuesday 8th January 2008 11:45pm for Contact

Still have no idea what it is your crossing with here, but it just gets more and more interesting. Sexually liberal, 11 year old Harry should be hilarious when he shows up to Hogwarts. Indeed, I'm looking forward to the next update. Happy writing.

Terdwilicker posted a comment on Tuesday 8th January 2008 8:34pm for Contact

Just thinking more on the interactions with Hogwarts characters. Tonks is in her 7th year when Harry is in his 1st. If he's physically matured, he'd notice the abilities of Tonks and at least meet her, have a drone scan her ability and determine its completely different from Changers in Consider Phlebas.

DNA scan and detection/scan of Hermione and Dean's magical cores will be crucial information for a successful breeding program for Culture wizards, btw. After all, you can compare them against the Purebloods like Luna, Ron, and Neville who'd allow for scans just because they're friends of Harry. Assuming Harry can stand a moron like Ron. It would be amusing to pit Ron against the Player of Games, btw. That guy is obsessed with real challenges and Ron never loses. As long as you're having a xover you may as well bring in some of the more interesting Culture characters.

It will be weird writing Harry when he's unable to lose his temper. Its just not possible with Culture glands. They're always always sane. He's be very odd. Another quirk is he won't mind the stares or attention, as you've already stated he's famous in the Culture as the sole wizard. Other than Luna and her father, who else in the Wizarding society would be willing to go into the Culture? And would the culture drones heal Frank and Alice Longbottom? Fixing brains is something Minds and thereby drones can do easily with the correct field manipulators, once the know what to look for. The Chairmaker got away with it because he hid his madness very well. The fixed him afterwards so he remained useful, and lost the self-destructive urges and memories of his terrible guilt that nearly killed him.

And what House will Harry land in? I hope its not the usual Slytherin or Griffindor, as both houses are mad, and the Culture doesn't make citizens mad for power or insanely brave. He's more likely to fall under Ravenclaw, due to intense study, or Hufflepuff, due to his loyalty to the Culture, and the fact that Hufflepuffs would have the most in common with the Culture anyway... that would make the most sense, actually. Hope these are helpful comments. Looking forward to more of your story.
How will Culture citizens treat the dangerous but mentally inferior members of Wizarding Britain? That will be interesting. Hope you write new chapters soon.

Jeremy DuCharme posted a comment on Tuesday 8th January 2008 6:44pm for Contact


GCU That's No Moon and GCU Not Life as We Know It

Dale Dietzman posted a comment on Tuesday 8th January 2008 12:40pm for Contact

Boy, can we have fun with this!!

Here are my proposals for some possible names for the two GCUs mentioned, assuming translation from the Marain, although I don't know what Class(s) they would be in:

GCU Run In Circles
GCU Snarky Boojum
GCU Artificial Stupidity
GCU Sideways Quark
GCU Anomaly
GCU Strange Loop

well you get the idea!

Panaka posted a comment on Tuesday 8th January 2008 11:23am for Contact

I like where this is going. I'm a bit of a sci-fi fan but haven't been able to find a good HP/sci-fi crossover. most seem really out there.

For the twin in system GCU's:
Touch and Go
It wasn't me...honest

Just one question: what is culture and if it's a book, who's the writer?

Chris Jenks posted a comment on Tuesday 8th January 2008 3:03am for Contact

Very nice.

I'll have to look into this series... do you have a recommendation on where to start? The first two or three books a newcomer to the series should read?

Terdwilicker posted a comment on Monday 7th January 2008 10:09pm for Contact

More please.

GCUs or GSVs? Either way, the warships tend to have slightly more ironic names like Gunboat Diplomat and Walk Softly.

You'll have to explain how the electronics can deal with the wards at Hogwarts, known to destroy electronics and whether the Culture classifies them as effector fields or not. One of the ship Minds should be tasked with historical research. The Gray Area is dead, so its a pity there's none around like that to figure out the Fidelius charms, much less pry secrets out of people's heads. I can only imagine what a delicate Mind can do to pry secrets from Lucious Malfoy, much less their discovery of the Wizarding prison, the various lost species, and the discovery of hidden locations on the earth's surface. Culture novels often have Minds quite dedicated to archival and cataloging discoveries, such as complete mapping of a planetary system, as well as its libraries, bunkers, and shallow graves. You'd do well to incorporate these tidbits between sections of school stories and Harry's somewhat stilted interaction with the typical school characters at Hogwarts. That will be interesting. He's far more logical and balanced than any of the HP characters, period, so it will effect their friendships a great deal. They're ignorant children with a child's mind, and would have little to offer him beyond explanation of the local weirdness. If he's followed by a drone, so much the better. I can scarcely imagine what the school bullies would make of a drone. As this won't be secret within the Wizarding world, how the wizards react to learning there's a supremely advanced civilization out there which can easily overwhelm them should really flabberghast them. They thought it was tough dealing with 6.5 billion muggles. Now they learn there's a couple Trillion Culture citizens, all superhumans with magical technology they can't compare. You'll have to approach the ambassadorial interactions with the Ministry carefully or operate with Harry as a spy, secretly. That may be easier at first, but the secret will have to fail eventually. Your choice as to when and how the Ministry and magical public react to the news.